Training camp update
Training camp is now over and the Flames are in game week preparation mode for the August 30th opener in Chapel Hill against North Carolina. Here is Coach Gill discussing the conclusion of training camp earlier this week (video courtesy LFSN):

Updated depth chart released
Coach Gill released an updated depth chart at the conclusion of training camp. The most notable change is Mitch Hanson switching from starting right tackle to starting right guard, with Penn State transfer Tanner Hartman being inserted into the starting lineup at right tackle. Aharown Campbell, who started 8 games at right guard last season, is now part of the 2nd string. Kris Wilson, an offensive lineman who missed the 2013 season due to academics, has made the 2-deep and is listed as the backup at right guard.

Jaquan Glover has replaced Dante Shells at one wide receiver position. Zac Parker has been inserted into the 2 deep as he backs up Gabe Henderson. Like Wilson, Parker missed the 2013 season due to academics. The backup quarterback battle will be decided in the next week as Javan Shashaty and Stephon Masha are battling behind Josh Woodrum.

Todd Macon has won the backup RB battle

Todd Macon has won the backup RB battle

As Gary Sampson continues to battle back from injury, sophomore Alpha Jalloh has been named the co-starter at strong safety. No final word as to whether or not Sampson will be available for the opener against UNC. The only true freshman to make the 2 deep on offense or defense is A.J. James who is slotted behind Jacob Hagen at free safety.

On special teams, true freshman Avery Echols is listed as starter. John Lunsford, who is suspended for the first 2 games, will compete with Echols when he returns. Zac Parker has apparently made an impression on the coaching staff as he listed as starting kick and punt returner.

“At Liberty, FBS dreams and a high-resource reality” USA Today article
Hopefully you’ve had the chance to read and digest Dan Wolken’s piece which ran in the USA Today earlier this week. There’s so much which could be discussed in here, most notably this quote from an unnamed Sun Belt source, “they have a lot of resources, but does anybody even know they’re Division I? If we’re going to add a 12th, we want someone people are going to recognize and raise the profile of the conference. I just don’t think Liberty adds anything to our profile.” Interesting comments, obviously. Overall, though, the article was great publicity on a national stage which is what Liberty cannot get enough of as the quest for FBS continues.

Final poll of Expectations for 2014
The final poll of Expectations for 2014 went live this week. Be sure to get your vote in on who you think wins each game of the 2014 football schedule. The most recent poll is Liberty vs Coastal Carolina. Voting for all polls closes at midnight on Wednesday, August 27th. On Thursday, we will let you know what FlamesNation has predicted the 2014 Liberty football record to be!

FlameFans thread of the week
This week’s FlameFans thread of the week is Falwell: Major LU expansion in the works. This is a thread which has been around for a while, but got heated up this week with the increased activity on campus. All you out of towners, check out page 31 of the thread for some pictures of several expansion projects going on in Lynchburg.