Men’s soccer, women’s lacrosse, swimming and diving, and field hockey are all sports that Liberty offers but Conference USA does not currently sponsor. The Flames will have to find alternatives for these teams following the 2023-24 season.

“Swim-dive we are members of the CCSA,” said Liberty AD Ian McCaw. “That will be where we compete this year, for sure. There is some discussion about some changes after that, but we feel very good about where we will be situated in swim-dive. Not 100% sure what the name of the conference is going to be and under what umbrella it’s going to be, but we feel good about our home for swim-dive.”

“We’re still working on options for both men’s soccer and women’s lacrosse,” he continued. “We are exploring those right now. We have some good active conversations that we’re optimistic about, but nothing has been finalized. I’m hoping we can wrap that up by the end of the summer.”

“Field hockey has really thrived in the Big East. Just like everything else with conference realignment, there are discussions about other conferences popping up, but we are really happy with our Big East relationship.”


In addition to all the construction going on at Williams Stadium this summer, there are also a few other projections going on. AD McCaw provided updates on those facilities, as well.

“The indoor multi-purpose facility will be done in November, that’s on schedule. That obviously is a really expansive project that will be for our teams during inclement weather, club sports, intramurals. So, that will get a lot of campus usage, but that will be an asset for us.”

“Softball (batting) cage project is moving on,” he continued. “I think that’s due to be done in December, not 100% on that, but that’s moving along well. Field hockey resurfacing, that’s going on as well right now.”


We asked AD McCaw about how the first year of NIL at Liberty went as he provided some additional information on one of the hottest topics in college athletics today.

“I think the first year went really well. We launched the SOAR program to educate our student-athletes on how to brand themselves and be prepared for what NIL was going to bring this first year. I think we did well. We had about 100 of our student-athletes have some type of NIL relationship this year.”

“Just a couple weeks ago we launched Flames Exchange that will allow us to have our NIL program in a little more organized, managed space. We have over a dozen business that have signed up for Flames Exchange thus far. It seems to be going well. I think we will exceed the number of NIL deals this year.”

“We had some elite student-athletes who maximized their NIL opportunities, such as Malik Willis. We are focusing on our 580 student-athletes and giving them opportunities to benefit off NIL. I think they’ve done it well, appropriately, and with integrity. We are really pleased with the way it’s gone.”