Ever since the inception of The Basketball Tournament in 2014, Liberty fans have been clamoring to see their guys come together to take it on. Now, thanks to the efforts of a group of alumni, we’re all going to have the opportunity.

For those who don’t know, The Basketball Tournament is a nationwide, single-elimination, winner-take-all competition televised live on ESPN. A total of 64 teams will play in 8 regions, after which the quarterfinals will be played at Wichita State, with the final rounds being played in Dayton. At the end of all that, 63 teams will go home sad and broke and one will split $1 million. It all begins July 22 and concludes on August 2.

The Liberty group, going by the ‘Flames Nation’ moniker, currently has commitments from Myo Baxter-Bell, Larry Blair, Lovell Cabbil, Damien Hubbard, and Anthony Smith, and are actively recruiting others to join them.

For now, you can support this team and their efforts by spreading the word on social media to show your support. Also, for those interested in supporting the team more than just spreading the word, you can also sign up to be a booster of the team by clicking here.

We will continue to bring updates on Flames Nation’s progress as more information comes available.