Offense:  A

Despite putting up 73 points the offense does not get an A+, because they were not perfect.  Josh Woodrum threw an interception, and they did not score on every single drive. Considering the fact that they were playing against a Division II defense, with little to no depth, only a perfect game would yield a perfect grade.  Still, the Flames put on an offensive show, surprising us only when a drive ended up outside the endzone.  Their backups were in for the entire second half, and complimentary players like D.J.  Abnar and Javan Shashaty were able to have their best games of the season.

 Defense:  A-kwc2

Again, this was not a perfect, goose-egg performance.  However, the touchdown Liberty did allow was to the Panthers’ best playmaker.  If they had to give up a score against a Division II team, there is no shame in it being a catch and run by Jeff Ward. That one score was really an aberration, though, as Kentucky just did not have the personnel to compete with the bigger, stronger, faster Flames’ defense.  The four interceptions returned for 148 yards prove that.

 Special Teams: A

This week, special teams redeemed themselves a little bit, after their horrible performance in Richmond. John Lunsford connected on his only field goal attempt, and they also blocked a punt, Andrew Jauch ending up in the endzone on the play.  Also, they kept the dangerous Jeff Ward from hurting them, limiting him to a long kick return of only 26 yards. It would have been nice to see Kevin Fogg break off a long punt return, but overall, they played a a great game.

 Overall:  A

I know it’s boring to give A’s across the board, but there’s not much else to do with this one.  The defense get’s the worst grade simply because they did not pitch a shutout.  The offense scored ad nauseam, and special teams blocked a punt for a touchdown, so they get their A’s.  Now, let’s see if they can keep this momentum going against their own level of competition.