Offense: A

Division II Brevard College had no chance against Liberty’s offense. The Flames’ offensive line dominated, giving Josh Woodrum all day to pass, and opening up massive holes for Desmond Rice and company to run through. The best part about their performance is the fact that Turner Gill was able to rest his starters for the entire second half, keeping them fresh for the most important game of the season next week.bc2

Defense: A

Yes, they gave up 21 points to a low level opponent, but one of them was an early Christmas gift from the refs to Brevard. Another came late in the game against the Flames’ scrubs. They demonstrated their ability to neutralize the triple option.  They even came up with an interception against a quarterback who only threw the ball three times.

Special Teams: A

It was a good day for Liberty’s special teams. They ran out a freshman place-kicker for the first half, with no problem at all. John Lunsford even had his first 100% successful day in quite some time, connecting on his only field goal attempt of the game. Kevin Fogg did have a little trouble handling one punt, and they did give up a 56 yard kick-off return, but overall, it was a solid performance.

Overall: A

The only bad thing I have to say is that Liberty did get a little sloppy, with an uncharacteristically high 8 penalties for 85 yards. However, that did not affect the outcome, so maybe we can assume it was an aberration and move on with A’s across the board. The Flames did what they needed to do, rested up for Charleston Southern, and will hope for a nod from the FCS powers that be to make the playoffs if they can take care of business next week.