Here are the main talking points Coach Gill had on each of the 18 signees:

Calvert, photo courtesy

QB Stephen Calvert

  • Named first team all-Dade County. “We all know there is tremendous talent there and he was one of the best there.”
  • One of the strongest arms of all the QBs in this class
  • “Can spin it, he can throw it around”
  • More of a “drop back guy”

QB Rudiger Yearick

  • Could have an impact this year
  • Dual threat guy
  • Tremendous athlete

RB Mitchell Lewis

  • Very physical
  • Good quickness
  • “Once he sees a hole, he gets vertical quick”

WR Antonio Gandy-Golden

  • Very talented
  • Has the size and speed to do things we want to do

McConnell, photo courtesy

WR Lionell McConnell

  • High school has a lot of great talent (Allen HS in Allen, TX)
  • Just played one year there
  • Originally from Cincinnati where he also played quarterback

OL Damian Bounds

  • Projects as a center/guard
  • A little bit of “nastiness” about him as he finishes blocks
  • Blocks the 2nd and 3rd level guys (LBs & DBs)

OL Aidan Burroughs

  • Big, raw guy
  • Works out every day at 5;30 in the morning
  • He will continue to get bigger

OL Ethan Crawford

  • Big guy
  • Really strong
  • Very aggressive

OL Julio Lozano

  • Will play offensive tackle
  • Played d-line in high school, only played one year of o-line
  • Best ball is ahead of him
  • About 295-300 pounds now

OL Daniel Zapata

  • Very strong finisher
  • Played center, guard, & tackle
  • Will look at him at guard/center

DE Michael Anderson

  • “Very interesting guy here”
  • Played a lot of different positions
  • Still a growing young man
  • Really impressed by him
  • Can use hands well and throw people off blocks
  • Tremendous IQ
  • Mixture of Chima Uzowihe and Juwan Wells
  • Terrific upside

Hamilton, photo courtesy

NG DeCarlo Hamilton

  • Mixture of Jaron Greene and Bryant Lewellyn
  • Hard-working, blue-collar guy

LB Korell Evans

  • Great hands, we saw that from him as a receiver
  • Very powerful as being able to strike people from the defensive side
  • Great passion for the game
  • Tremendous student and high character individual

CB Jimmy Faulks, Jr

  • Similar to Chris Turner, size-wise
  • Great ball skills

S Ceneca Espinoza, Jr

  • Physical athlete
  • Will let him roam around and make plays
  • Knows how to strike people

S Solomon McGinty

  • Will probably play the spur position
  • Could have an impact this year
  • Very physical athlete

Tillmon, photo courtesy

S Brandon Tillmon

  • Outstanding in all 3 sports (football, basketball, baseball)
  • Will play football and baseball here
  • Very impressed by him
  • Very tough guy, very physical
  • So talented, has a lot of tremendous skill, very dynamic athlete

K Alex Probert

  • “Fantastic kicker”
  • Very consistent
  • Very strong leg
  • Great trajectory on his kicks
  • Long jump of 23 feet, so he’s a good athlete
  • Dad went to LU