At halftime of Saturday night’s game against Kennesaw State, the revealing of Wiliam Byron’s new paint scheme for his #24 car delayed the band’s performance. This caused both teams to be delayed in getting on the field for warm-ups prior to the start of the 2nd half. Since then, there has been quite a bit of discussion on social media about a reported comment made by Coach Gill to members of the band.

One complaint posted on Facebook reads:


Jerry Falwell, Jr. responded to this accusation on his Facebook account.

Coach Gill, without questioning, addressed the accusations head-on during his opening remarks of his weekly press conference Tuesday.

Gill: “I just want to address the reports of a coach making inappropriate comments to someone here involved in our last ball game. We have looked into this. We have talked to all of our coaches, people on our staff, about if they heard anybody, if they’ve seen anybody, as far as in the ball game, that made any kind of a comment that is inappropriate, and no. No one has heard, no one has said anything of that nature. I have never used the word that’s been in question in my life. I don’t use those types of words, as far as myself. We’ve investigated it, we’ve looked into it, and, I guess if there’s anything else that comes up, we’ll continue to look into it, but we have looked into those things, and, again, I have never used the word that is in question.”