(Shout out to Dr. Towles, a great English professor. Alliteration always gets the readers going)

I don’t exactly remember what my eyes saw first shortly after 2:30 Sunday. It all pretty much happened so fast. I saw Liberty, I saw Oregon, and then I saw the VRBO Fiesta Bowl logo. It didn’t process right away and when it all somewhat hit me (it won’t actually hit me until I’m in Phoenix next month) I realized that Liberty was going to the NEW YEARS SIX Bowl.

One of my biggest regrets from last year’s bowl game (outside of that 6mg Zyn) was not looking up the history and the great memories that the Boca Raton Bowl has had in its storied history. 

Lesson learned! Not only have I been looking up some of the historic matchups, but I’m also going to ensure any tobacco I partake in will be three 3mg only.

So without future ado, five of the greatest Fiesta Bowl Games of all time!

Side note: I didn’t rank them because I want you, the readers, form your own opinions and make your rankings. Also, yes there will be recency bias. I wasn’t alive in the 80’s so some game where teams ran the ball a zillion times like it’s Army Navy isn’t going to make the list. There have been a ton of blowouts. Sue me. Double Also, make sure you read all the blogs over the next few weeks. The last thing we need is the ASOR company card to get declined at the Raising Canes after the game.

Clemson vs. Ohio State Fiesta Bowl 2019

A CPF Semi-Finals featuring a heap of future NFL stars kicks us off. I forgot how back and forth that game was until I did a deep dive into that box score. The ESPN prediction looks like it’s DOGE in spring 2021. 

The game came down to the wire with OSU driving down the field, down a touchdown. Some people might have had irresponsibly bet Clemson -3.5 before the game so it all came down the Justin Fields. The camera panned to Urban Meyer looking like he was about to fake another heart attack and BAM. Interception in the end zone. Clemson completes the comeback after being down 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. 

Oklahoma vs Boise State Fiesta Bowl 2007

Not only one of the biggest games in Fiesta Bowl History, it’s one of the most well-known and referenced games in the history of College Football. 

You have an insane ending featuring trick play after trick play. 

A HC put his huevos on the table and said let’s do it. 

Over 80 points were scored.

A G5 upsetting a national powerhouse 

Post-game proposal.

If you’ve never seen this game before, specifically the hook and ladder and the game-winning 2PC. You have to check it out. 

Liberty vs. Oregon Fiesta Bowl 2024

 I’m a big believer in manifesting things to come to fruition. Positive vibes. This is going to be a great game. 

However I should say, I have no idea what is going to happen. Many believe in a blowout, and that’s fine. But after studying the history of this bowl game, weird things happen. Underdogs find a way to make some noise and oftentimes, pull off the upset. 

TCU vs. Michigan Fiesta Bowl 2023

Not many people around the world gave TCU a chance. Michigan was fresh off a win over OSU and then a B10 Championship while TCU just lost in the Big 12 championship game. 

Michigan marched down the field and everyone assumed this would indeed be a runaway. After a TCU fourth and goal stop and eventual TCU pick six everyone around the country realized this would be a game. They rode that momentum to a halftime lead of 24-6. Michigan came storming back in the second half you just kept waiting for the shoe to drop for TCU. Just when Michigan got close TCU would pull away more. When it was all said and done TCU was ahead and punched their ticket to the National Championship Slaughter.

Miami vs. Ohio State Fiesta Bowl 2003

This in all honesty is the first college football game I remember watching growing up. Everyone was talking about The U. They were the coolest team in the world and even in New Jersey, people were paying attention. While this wasn’t a high-scoring game, it was close the entire time. The BCS National Championship game went into overtime and after a controversial DPI call in fourth down, OSU was given new life and a second overtime to try and slay the undefeated Hurricane.

Ohio State scored first in OT2 and forced the Hurricane three and out. Me and a whole bunch of 6th graders woke up that next morning shocked that Ohio State had pulled off the upset.