As we mentioned last night, it looks like current UNC Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Scott Jackson is at least a finalist for Liberty Baseball’s head coaching position.   There is still some question about whether or not an offer has been made to Jackson with still more interviews happening today.  Barber does a great job of keeping things under wraps in terms of coaching searches.  It’s likely that even if an offer has been made that we won’t hear about it until next week some time.

Here’s what we do know…  Barber has interviewed somewhere around 12 candidates for the position with candidates come from all different backgrounds and levels of experience.  Just like we predicted, this position is in high demand.

So who is Scott Jackson?  He spent 2008 under Toman at Liberty as the pitching coach so he is familiar with our program.  He played his college ball at fellow Big South school Campbell.   Jackson has spent the last 9 years as an assistant at UNC and was named one of the top assistant coaches in the country by Baseball America in 2013.   Here’s a link to more on Jackson from his UNC bio.

In an interview with Jackson back in 2015 with Eric Sorenson of Jackson, who at the time was in the mix for the JMU job, had this to say about his desire to become a head coach…

“I think every assistant in our business has that ambition and that motivation and wants to be a head coach. I’m not any different. But you know, you get addicted to Omaha. You get addicted to that feeling in the fall that when you walk out on the field you think, “Hey, we’ve got a shot to get back there again.” I like that feeling, and I feel I’m in a place where I have that feeling every year. I don’t think it’s something where I’m just dying to be a head coach, but at some point I would certainly love that opportunity. In this profession I think you just keep your head down and work hard and something good is going to come your way. But I’m thrilled to death to be where I’m at right now.” (Link to full interview at

Is the Liberty job the “good thing” coming Jackson’s way?  We will likely find out very soon.