NOTE: I originally wrote this last week prior to the Big South Tournament not knowing the improbable run we were about to embark on. I figured I would go ahead and post it anyways even though if anyone still thinks Layer should be gone after this week, they’re crazy…


After a mostly disappointing 2012-13 season, many have been questioning if Liberty head coach Dale Layer’s job is safe. It should be.

We have been running a poll on our site for the better part of the last month asking if Layer should be brought back as Liberty’s head coach next season. More than 70% of those who have responded have said no. And they have their reasons – poor attendance, an 0-8 start, 2 consecutive seasons with a losing record, an RPI in the 300s, losing record in the Big South tourney, etc.

While all of these are concerning, Liberty is poised to make a run at the 2013-14 Big South Championship. That sounds crazy for a team coming off a season with 20+ losses. How can they be considered a championship contender? The Flames have just one departing senior – Tavares Speaks. While Speaks, Liberty’s 3rd leading scorer, will be missed, the Flames return plenty to challenge next season.


And don’t forget Antwan Burrus’ return off a medical redshirt. Burrus started 31 games a season ago while averaging 11.2 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. His added presence in the paint will give the Flames the most experience & depth amongst all front courts in the league next season.

Let’s give Layer another crack at this and see where we are next year this time.