Campbell University football transfer wide receiver Caleb Snead committed to Liberty University to finish his college career for the 2022 season on Dec. 8.

During his time at Campbell, Snead amassed 2,439 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns, with 1,067 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns from the 2021 season alone, according to ESPN. Listed at six-foot-four-inches, Snead is a big body receiver who had several offers other than Liberty, including Coastal Carolina University, Western Kentucky University and James Madison University. Originally from Lynchburg, Va., Snead chose to commit to the school from his hometown area.

“Just to think it’s home,” Snead said. “Out of everything else, it’s at home … Coach Freeze and his staff showed me love unlike I’ve ever have before. Just talking with them and meeting with them, they really want me. No other school is doing what they doing … At Liberty it’s a family aspect.”

Snead was impressed by Liberty’s tenacity to try and get him. It was different than we he was a recruit coming out of high school when Snead had only one offer from Campbell and Liberty showed no interest in him. He felt the love immediately, when Liberty offered Snead roughly 10 minutes after entering the portal, according to Snead.

Snead is expected to sign on national signing day on Dec. 15 to make his commitment to Liberty truly official.