Liberty (6-1) is back in action Saturday afternoon for the biggest home game in school history as the Flames welcome BYU (4-3) to Williams Stadium for a 3:30 kickoff against the Cougars. To help us get a preview of what to expect from BYU this afternoon, we caught up with Dick Harmon, a sports columnist for the Deseret News.

What is the overall feeling surrounding the season within the program thus far and its fans on expectations for the year?

Dick Harmon: BYU’s offense has turned out to be what most expected. The run game could be more productive, however. The defense has been a disappointment because it has allowed too high a percentage of third-down conversions. Most BYU fans expected a nine-win season with some optimistic folks counting on 10 wins.

What has been your feeling/evaluation of Jaren Hall thus far and what is the expectation for his production in this game.

DH: Jaren is a very talented athlete with an arm good enough to play pro baseball. He is very poised and smart. He isn’t running like he used to but is using the system. He will be a second or third-round pick. If he hadn’t been injured in the Utah State game, there is little doubt BYU would have beat Notre Dame by at least a couple of touchdowns.

Who do you consider to be the biggest X factor on the BYU offense besides the quarterback? How about for the defense?

DH: On offense, it is Cal transfer running back Chris Brooks. On defense, it would be linebacker Max Tooley.

If you had to guess the ending record for this team, what would it be?

DH: Optimistic would be 9-3; realistically it will be 8-4.

What player has surpassed expectations and has been breaking out this season?

DH: That would be freshman slot receiver Kody Epps. He is a game breaker with great hands, vision and speed.

Where do you think the Flames will struggle the most against this team?

DH: I think BYU’s pass protection is elite and I’d be surprised if the Flame defense gets to him on a regular basis.

What is your final score prediction for this game?

DH: I have it BYU 35, Liberty 31