Another week in the books. Here’s the scoreboard from last week:Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.37.38 PM

This is how our leader board is affected:

msette saved his drop week until now, giving him an extra 5 points this week, just enough to retain first place for our ticket giveaway.

msette saved his drop week until now, giving him an extra 5 points this week, just enough to retain first place for our ticket giveaway.

Outside of FlamesNation’s own, Jon Manson, things couldn’t be much closer at the top. These final few weeks should be very interesting.

As usual, leave the numbers of your  picks in the comments section. Good Luck!

1. Liberty defensive line records more than 2.5 sacks.

Uzowihe looks to anchor the Flames' defensive front in 2014

Why this is bold- Liberty is currently averaging 2 sacks per game, but we won’t be including any sacks made by anyone other than a D-lineman.

Why it will happen- The Flames’ defensive line has caught fire in recent weeks. Look for that to continue.


2. Liberty wins by more than they did in 2013.

Why this is bold- Well the current line is -20 Liberty, and the number to beat is -30. Monmouth football is in a better place than it was last season, so it won’t be easy.

Why it will happen- Monmouth is coming off a 27-0 loss to Charleston Southern at home. Playing at Williams Stadium against a Liberty team who is playing at the top of their game could be the recipe for a blowout.


3. Neal Sterling leads all receivers.

Why this is bold- It will be tough for Sterling to keep up with the ever explosive Darrin Peterson and Dante Shells. Neal currently averages 90 yards per game, while Peterson averages 105.

Why it will happen- Sterling’s 90 yards per game almost triples Monmouth’s next leading receiver. If Monmouth falls behind early and has to rely on their passing game, Neal will surely be the guy they look for.


4. Mike Brown gains more total yards this week than Miles Austin.

Why this is bold- The Jaguars have not used Brown at all over the past four weeks. Meanwhile, Austin has had a catch every week and is coming off a 54 yard performance against Tampa Bay.

Why it will happen- The Jaguars have not made Brown a part of their game plan in recent weeks, but his ability in the open field is surely something they would want to add if the opportunity presents itself. Miles Austin will be up against a stingy Bengals defense tomorrow night, not to mention his lack of dreadlocks gives him a clear disadvantage against Brown.


5. A “Scott” records an interception.

scott1Why this is bold- Wesley and Kenny have combined for two interceptions on the year. Monmouth QB1, Brandon Hill, has only thrown six picks this year. If Jacob Hagen keeps hogging all the interceptions, the Scotts won’t get in on the action.

Why it will happen- Both cornerbacks seem to improve with each week. This is called the BOLD Predictions challenge. They are due to get a look from an opposing QB.


6. Trey Turner pins Monmouth inside the 20 twice.

scottWhy this is bold- We have done this one before and Turner didn’t come through.

Why it will happen- Turner has 11 punts inside the 20 this year through 9 games. He’s been very accurate, and if he gets his chances, I think he’ll make the most of it.


Bonus 1: What player will score the first touchdown of the game? (10 points)


Bonus 2: What will be the result of the first drive of the second half? (10 points)

A) Touchdown

B) Field Goal

C) Punt

D) Turnover


Submit your picks by 11:59 P.M. Friday