After four weeks in the books, Bold Predictions are back for Indiana State week. Remember, our season champ will receive two tickets to a 2015 away game of their choice!

Here’s last week’s scores as well as our overall leader board:

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Todd Macon was the answer to last week’s bonus, worth 1/10th of how many yards he rushed for. Macon racked up 79 yards, making the bonus worth 8 points.

Our bold prediction’s from last week might have been a bit too bold as only Jacob Hagen’s involvement in a turnover actually happened.
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Next week’s leader board will reflect what the scores are with everyone’s lowest score is dropped, so expect some major shifts in the rankings. We had a few usuals forget to submit their picks last week, so this should give them a boost once that is dropped.

Now for this week’s Bold Predictions.

You know the drill, put the numbers of your picks in the comments. Good luck!

1. John Lunsford hits a 50+ yard field goal.

lunsfordWhy this is bold- Who knows if Lunsford will even get a chance to kick a 50+ yarder. Even if he does get the chance to kick one, he is only 1 for 3 on the year, and hasn’t been very reliable in the past.

Why it will happen- Lunsford kicked a school record 57 yard field goal last week, as well as a 52 yarder just before that was nullified by delay of game. Both kicks looked like they would’ve been good from somewhere around 65 yards away. It almost seems like the further out Lunsford is, the more comfortable he is in his ability.

2. Kenny Scott forces a turnover.

Why this is bold- Scott has only forced one turnover thus far in 2014.

Why it will happen- Liberty’s best corner has a great break to the ball and possesses pretty good hands. If Perish gives him a chance on Saturday, I expect that Kenny will take advantage of it.

3. Liberty ties or wins every quarter.

Why this is bold- Indiana State is coming off a win against Ball State and the Sycamores look like a legitimate squad this year. Liberty is a four point underdog, so to expect them to win every quarter when they aren’t even expected to win the game is definitely bold.

Why it will happen- The Flames had a very impressive week last week against Bryant, I think they’ll keep things going this week.


4. Mike Perish passes for 300+ yards.

Why this is bold- Perish has only had four 300 yard games in his career, and Liberty’s pass defense is only allowing 107.5 passing yards per game.

Why it will happen- This will be the first time the Flames secondary will be tested against a team with a really solid QB situation. Perish has good experience, and has thrown for over 300 yards in ISU’s past two games.


abnar5. D.J. Abnar leads both teams in all purpose yardage.

Why this is bold- Abnar doesn’t even lead his own team in all purpose yards (Darrin Peterson does). D.J. is averaging 95.2 yards per game.

Why it will happen- Abnar has shown he can carry the load this year. I think Liberty will use him a lot this week after he only got 15 carries last week.

6. Darrin Peterson records more receptions than all ISU running backs and tight ends combined.

peteyWhy this is bold- Well it’s like 5 on 1 for one thing. Also the tight ends and running backs get a lot of check down receptions, while Peterson is able to rack up yardage on a couple of home run balls.

Why it will happen- The Flames used Peterson a lot more in underneath routes against Bryant than usual, and he seemed to excel no matter what type of route he was running. Darrin has been impossible for defenses to guard this year, and Woodrum is looking for him more and more.


7. Jacob Hagen doesn’t force or recover a turnover.

Why this is bold- This could possibly be the boldest prediction I’ve made all year. Hagen is continually making his way to the ball and either stripping or intercepting it. He forced two turnovers last week and already has been involved in five turnovers on the year.

Why it will happen- If teams go his way, Hagen is bound to get a turnover at some point, but I’m thinking Indiana State may know better than going towards Hagen. Surely teams will start to learn their lesson, and just keep the ball away from him.


Bonus (5 points): Who records more passing yards, Woodrum or Perish?

Woodrum is averaging 260 passing yards per game while Perish is averaging 280 yards.


Bonus (10 points): How many times will the word “Larry” be said,  referring to Larry Bird, in the ESPN3 telecast?

What else does Indiana State have to talk about during those dull moments of the game?


Submit your picks by 11:59 Friday night.