I know you’re all sad over what happened against the Salukis, but it’s time to move on, and what better way to do that than with our Bold Predictions Challenge?

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Last week’s contest

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This is the last week that the scoreboard won’t reflect dropped scores, so this could be your breakthrough week if you’ve missed a couple of entries.

Alright, you know the drill…

1.Will the total combined score be over or under 56  points?

A) Over

B) Under


2. How many unused timeouts will Liberty have at the end of the first half?

gillA) 0

B) 1

C) 2

D) 3


3. Who will have more receiving yards?

CO338wPWcAEhdmGA) Liberty’s leading receiver

B) Penny Hart

Georgia State’s stud receiver, Penny Hart, is averaging just above 110 receiver yards per game. Will the Flames have an answer?

4. Will the final margin be within 1 possession?

A) Yes

B) No

This has all the makings for a close contest. I think it’s pretty likely that our final margin will be eight points or less no matter which team is able to pull out the win.

5. How many sacks will Liberty record?

chima1A) More than 3.5

B) Less than 3.5

After posting a goose egg against SIU, it will be interesting to see how much pressure the D-line gets on quarterbacks going forward. Even with last week’s 0, Liberty is averaging 3.5 sacks per contest, good for 9th in the FCS.

6. Who will win?

A) Liberty

B) Ga. State



Bold Predictions (pick 3)

1. Quarterbacks score at least 2 rushing touchdowns.

mashaWoodrum is still yet to score a rushing touchdown, something that we saw him do almost weekly last season. Arbuckle has one for Georgia State, despite his lack of rushing yards. Don’t be surprised if a guy like Masha adds to the total for this bold prediction.

2. A field goal misses wide right.

College kickers are some of the most unpredictable athletes in any sport, and Lunsford has been the subject of a few head scratchers throughout this year.

3. Avery James records 9+ tackles.

Liberty’s current leading tackler is averaging almost eight tackles a game thus far.

4. Attendance is more than 11,000.

300px-Georgia_State_at_the_Georgia_DomeTo gauge your prediction, know that the Panthers had a crowd of 10,252 on hand for the season opener against Charlotte. Georgia State has also looked much more improved in comparison to years past, so this game may spark some interest.

5. Tyrin Holloway or Wesley Scott records an interception.

Liberty’s top corners are due, as neither have recorded a pick since Scott’s interception in week 1.

6. No players from Coastal win any of the Conference Player of the Week awards this week.

Just feeling spiteful.

7. Both Des Rice and D.J. Abnar are able to record 75+ all purpose yards.

abnarThe Flames have had a tough time getting the running game going, but we all know what both of these guys can do. My guess is that the gameplay will involve trying to get both of these guys going.


Have your picks submitted by noon on Saturday. Good luck!