Think you know Liberty football better than the rest of Flames Nation? Think you probably don’t but want to give it a try anyway? If you answered yes to one of these questions, I’ve got some great news for you… Bold Predictions Challenge is back and better than ever, giving you a chance to finally assert your dominance over the rest of us! Try to contain your excitement.


The rules are simple: Follow the directions for how to answer each section, post your answers in the comments, and at the end of the season, the champion will win a date with FlamesNation’s own, Evan Nester!

In all seriousness, there will be prizes which are to be determined, but for now, just play for bragging rights.

Each multiple choice correct answer is worth 2 points and each bold prediction that comes true is 5 points. Contestants will choose up to three Bold Predictions, and one big difference from last year, you will NOT get penalized for picking an incorrect bold prediction, so make sure to pick three. Your lowest score of the season will be dropped from your cumulative score at the end.

With that said, have at it!

Multiple Choice

1. What will be the first score of the game?

A) Liberty Touchdown

B) Any other score (Liberty FG, DSU TD/FG)


2. Will Josh Woodrum score a rushing touchdown?

cwt0e (1)

Remember when he did THIS to a Richmond defender?


A) Yes

B) No

Josh became a huge red-zone threat toward the end of last season. He scored a whopping nine touchdowns last year, good for third most in the conference! Only D.J. Abnar and De’Angelo Henderson had more touchdowns on the ground.


3. True of False, Kendall Cuomin records a career high in reception yards.

A) True

B) False

His current career high is 19 yards, but now that he’s the man at tight end, 19 yards should not last long.

4. Will Liberty play any Taylor Swift at the stadium on Saturday?

A) Yes

B) No

T-Swizzle did not make an appearance at the Chancellor’s Cookout pep rally thing, and they usually keep a similar playlist for the entire season, but I just feel like her newest CD, 1989, is too fire to not make an appearance.


5. What will the outcome of the game be?

A) Delaware State win, or Liberty win by less than 15 points.

B) Liberty win by 15-25 points.

C) Liberty win by 26-33 points.

D) Liberty win by 33-39 points.

E) Liberty win by 40+ points.

I don’t want to be cocky, but Delaware State went 2-10 last year and is picked to finish second to last in the MEAC this year. Meanwhile, the Flames have the type of offense that could blow this thing up. Liberty will still need to be careful as DSU presents a lot of unknowns under the new Kenny Carter regime.

6. Who will have the most total yards?

A) Des Riceabnar

B) D.J. Abnar

C) Darrin Peterson

I’m sure all of these guys will have “their time” this season, but it will be interesting to see which of these seniors is the focal point of the Liberty offense in the opener.


Bold Predictions

Choose THREE Bold Predictions to make this week, each correct prediction is worth 5 points.


1. John Lunsford’s combined made field goal yardages (not including XPs) will be greater than Delaware State’s total passing yards.

lunsfordIt’s tough to say what Lunsford’s field goals will amount to, but Delaware State is hoping to implement a conservative passing attack under Carter, and will be led by a new face at quarterback in Obado. Could be a slow day passing for the Hornets.

2. Esayah Obado records more passing yards than Josh Woodrum.

The flip side is that Obado thrives in the new system that will focus more on underneath routes rather than home-run balls. The Flames could call off the dogs early, while DSU might have to air it out all game in an attempt to come back.

3. Furman beats Coastal.

Furman has the 13th most votes of teams outside the top 25 and Coastal is ranked #5. The Paladins will be playing host which could be a nice advantage to begin the season. If you’re feeling pretty salty about the  Sun-Belt news, just indulge your spiteful self and pick this one.

4. Attendance is 18,500+

LU offers more than either of the schools being considered by the Sun Belt in virtually every area.

We’ve only eclipsed 18,500 eight times in Williams Stadium history, and never has it been against a team like Delaware State. That being said, the fan base is really “gung ho” for the opener after getting a taste for Liberty’s first play-off appearance last year. Also, don’t forget the extra influx of students from Liberty’s increased enrollment.

5. Chima Uzowihe does not record any sacks.

Not really sure why anyone would pick this one, but it is an option.

6. Zac Parker has more yards receiving than DSU has in penalties.

Will Parker finally be able to find a role in the offense at slot? His nine yard career high wouldn’t even come close to what is often a sloppy game penalty wise for teams in the first week of the season.

7. Delaware State either wins or out-gains Liberty.

If DSU either pulls off the upset, or if they out-gain the Flames, you would get credit for this prediction.


Thanks for playing, and watch out for the results next week! Make sure to post your answers in the comments section below. Your comment should look something like this:

for example..
1. B
2. B
3. A
4. A
5. D
6. C

Good Luck!