On this date 4 years ago, Seth Curry announced his intentions to transfer from Liberty setting off a chain reaction of events that the Flames are still recovering from.

Curry would eventually end up transferring to Duke where he has spent the past 4 seasons. Due in large part to Curry’s decision, Liberty’s head coach at the time, Ritchie McKay, shortly thereafter announced that he would leave Liberty to join long-time friend Tony Bennett on Bennett’s staff at Virginia.

In Curry’s only season at Liberty, the Flames would tie a Division 1 program record of 23 wins. In the 4 years since, Liberty has won an average of 15 games per season.

Enjoy some highlights from Curry’s lone season at Liberty:

Let’s hope this year’s Big South Championship run to the NCAA Tournament will be the catapult this program needs to get out of its most recent “depression.”