The ASUN will welcome three new schools for the 2021-22 season when Central Arkansas, Eastern Kentucky, and Jacksonville State join the league to bring its membership to 12 teams. The conference has hinted at the likelihood of splitting the league into two divisions, but has yet to make an official announcement as to what those divisions may be.

On Tuesday, the conference announced the women’s soccer conference schedule for this fall, and in that announcement we got our first public hint from the league as to what those divisions will look like.

This fall, ASUN Women’s Soccer will be split into two divisions as Liberty, FGCU, Jacksonville, North Florida, Stetson, and Kennesaw State will comprise one division while Bellarmine, Central Arkansas, Eastern Kentucky, Jacksonville State, Lipscomb, and North Alabama will make up the other division.

While it has not been officially announced by the ASUN, this points to the likelihood of the divisional alignment for all sports beginning this fall, including men’s basketball. Here’s a look at how those teams finished in the 2020-21 men’s basketball season, split by the likely divisions:

  1. Liberty 11-2 (#98 KenPom)
  2. North Florida 6-6 (#297)
  3. FGCU 4-5 (#279)
  4. Stetson 7-9 (#233)
  5. Jacksonville 5-9 (#293)
  6. Kennesaw State 2-13 (#335)

The opposite division includes the three newcomers, they have been inserted into the standings based on their final KenPom ranking from the 2020-21 season.

  1. Jacksonville State N/A (#162)
  2. Bellarmine 10-3 (#167)
  3. Eastern Kentucky N/A (#174)
  4. Lipscomb 9-6 (#238)
  5. North Alabama 7-8 (#273)
  6. Central Arkansas N/A (#331)