On this week’s episode of the ASOR Podcast, we take a look back at Liberty’s win over UMass, but we spend most of the time this week talking this week’s game at Ole Miss and the most recent developments in conference realignment. Liberty wide receivers coach (and former Ole Miss assistant coach) Maurice Harris joins the show this week to talk about the Rebels and Oxford, Mississippi. This episode is sponsored by Jason Porter Realty.

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Jon and Chad open the show discussing Liberty’s win over UMass before diving into this week’s showdown at Ole Miss. What are the keys to the game? Can the Flames win the game? Is this the most anticipated football game in school history? We also dive into the most recent update in the world of college realignment as Liberty is rumored as possibly joining Conference USA. Would this be a good move for the school and it’s future?

Liberty wide receivers coach Maurice Harris joins as a special guest this week. He gives his thoughts on Ole Miss as he and a much of the Liberty coaching staff makes their return to Oxford, Mississippi. For those making the trip, what are his favorite food stops in Oxford? He also breaks down what he looks for in a wide receiver.

On this week’s KR22 men’s hoops update, Liberty star forward Kyle Rode brings an update from the men’s basketball program, the final week prior to the season beginning!

The Liberty Line gives his prediction and play for this week’s game against Ole Miss.