This month we began to see a steep increase in traffic which included 25 newly registered members! Football, as you can imagine, took up most of our focus. Everything from Hugh Freeze’s health issues to training camp updates to recruiting news and everything in between, August proved to be the busiest month since I took on the Forum Administrator duties earlier in the summer.

Without any further ado here are the top 5 topics of the month of August

Top 5

5.  Syracuse Prediction Thread – As you would expect, there were a lot of different opinions on the outcome of the game. All points of views were covered. This is always one of my favorites during football season.

4. Game #1 Preview: Syracuse on Aug 31 at 6 PM ET – Excitement built all month for our 2019 debut on the ASOR Forums!

3. FOC Renovations – This thread really picked up when the renovated locker room was unveiled.

Digital media board on back wall of locker room

2.  New Uniforms– Speculation grew as the month went on about what our uniforms would look like…

New white helmet Flames’ wore Saturday

1.  2020 Recruiting Class Discussion #FIRE2T0RM– This has been the most active we have ever been before football season in regards to recruiting. We had a ton of discussion about it on the forums

It has been a fun month. If you haven’t joined the forums, now is the perfect time to join as we just kicked offed our football season. Head to the ASOR Forums and join today!