If you’re a new Liberty fan, you may be unfamiliar with the phrase “Stupid Hose.” It’s an endearing phrase we use to refer to Presbyterian College that started in 2008. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Their nickname is the Blue Hose.

I mean, come on.

2. Presby is our little brother.

I’m not talking athletically, I’m talking in terms of them being a private, liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. It’s very similar to Liberty and its early beginnings with the Baptist Church. PC has just over 1,100 students.

3. Presby is our little brother.

presbyOk, now I’m talking athletically. The Flames have won 5 straight meetings with the Hose by an average score of 41-16.

4. Their nickname is the Blue Hose.

Like, really? You couldn’t have come up with something else? Anything?

5. Their coach is a double amputee.

Green screen fail.

6. PC is 7-25 all-time in the Big South.

That is putrid. I think I could coach a team to 7 Big South wins in 32 tries.

7. Their nickname is the Blue Hose.

Man, I wouldn’t go to school there just because I wouldn’t want to be a Blue Hose.

8. The 2008 game.

It’s really the only reason you need. And it’s when the phrase got its origin. The 31-28 loss to the Stupid Hose cost the Flames a playoff bid in an otherwise remarkable 10-2 campaign.

Stupid Hose