Sports fans around the globe will be glued to their television screens when Super Bowl 2022 kicks off on Feb. 13.

If betting is your thing, the Super Bowl can become immensely more exciting, as competition and the chance to win some money are on the line. Before they place that first wager, though, bettors need to have a game plan, including deciding the best way for them to bet on the big game.

Here are five ways to bet on Super Bowl 2022:

Super Bowl Squares

One unique way for NFL championship fun this year is to use Super Bowl Squares.

The game is popular during Super Bowl season because it allows people of all levels of football knowledge, ranging from those with low knowledge to in-depth analysts, a chance to get into the game, have fun and even win cash. It’s essentially based on total luck, so anybody can be a winner.

The great part of Super Bowl Squares is that it’s not hard to create a board. It can be played either with pen and paper or online, so those who would rather not take the trouble of writing everything out can check out online Super Bowl Squares


For some bettors, there is nothing like placing a bet in-person surrounded by the comradery of other sports fans. 

If traditional, brick-and-mortar gambling is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities in various states. Many states start off with instituting retail sports gambling before mobile betting, so these are already established and ready for wagers.

Retail casinos have a massive hold on the betting industry, and they’re not slowing down, as a new BetMGM Sportsbook location even just opened right next to Nationals Park in Washington D.C. 

For bettors who prefer an in-person gambling experience, such casinos offer everything they need, and they could be the perfect spot to place a bet while basking in Super Bowl glory.


Mobile sports betting is launching in state after state, and there’s a lot to like about it, especially if you’re wanting to wager on the Super Bowl.

Online gambling allows users to bet anywhere as long as they’re in a state that allows it. That means as they Super Bowl is played, bettors can put money down while on their couches, at a party or wherever else they choose to watch the big game.

And mobile betting is already hugely popular. In New York, which recently launched online sports betting, operators took in $150 million in bets during the state’s first full weekend with it active, according to ESPN.

Bettors who choose to gamble with online sportsbooks during the Super Bowl will be joined by tons of others as the market continues progressing. Analysts believe this could be the biggest Super Bowl ever in terms of online sports betting, so now seems like the perfect time for them to get in on the action with mobile sports betting.

Live betting

For the most in-the-moment action on the Super Bowl, look no further than live betting.

Live betting allows for placing wagers as the game is ongoing, meaning bettors can make decisions on what to do with their money by actually watching the event unfold. It’s a great way for bettors to stay involved in the action and use their football knowledge to make smart decisions as the game moves along.

Live betting services will also consistently update odds and opportunities for bets during the Super Bowl, allowing bettors to follow trends, take everything in and put their money down where they think is best suited. 

It’s a unique, versatile way to gamble on a game, and with millions of people watching the Super Bowl, you can be sure the odds will be updating as fast as possible and the bets will be flowing even quicker.

Prop bets

Oftentimes when people think about sports gambling, they think of the point spread and straight-up winners and losers. But prop bets are a key, and exciting, part of the scene.

When a bettor puts money on a prop bet, they are wagering on a specific outcome, such as a quarterback throwing for a certain number of yards, a team scoring a specific number of touchdowns or anything else. Over-under options will often be available in these types of scenarios.

For bettors who keep up with the NFL and know a ton about its players, coaches and schemes, prop bets are especially useful, letting bettors put their in-depth knowledge to the test and possibly win some money with it.

Looking for a more comprehensive way to bet on the Super Bowl this year? Prop bets may just be the way to go.