The Flames will open Training Camp this weekend and the anticipation has never been higher as Coach Hugh Freeze is set to lead the Flames into the 2019 season. Here are the 5 biggest storylines we are watching as Camp opens.

5. Brand New System

With an entire new coaching staff comes learning new systems. The Flames will have new playbooks on both sides of the ball, including the offense led by one of the brightest offensive minds in the game.

4. Eighteen Returning Starters

There might be a new system, but there will also be a lot of familiar faces on the field. Led by Antonio Gandy-Golden and Buckshot, the offense starters at eight positions. The Flames also return 7 on defense and all of their specialists.

3. Malik Willis Watch

We’ll all be watching during camp to see if the Auburn QB gets his waiver approved and is eligible to play in 2019. If he is, then we will be closely monitoring his progress and how many reps he will be getting.

2. Bowl Watch

This is the first year Liberty is eligible for a bowl game. Will the Flames will enough games, and, if so, will they get a bowl invite?

1. The Return of Freeze

All eyes will be watching the return of Coach Freeze to college football after a 2-year absence.