As Liberty gears up for its home opener against Florida International, head coach Hugh Freeze met with the media to discuss the upcoming game. Freeze continues to express concern over the unknown the Panthers present.

“The unknown is concerning to a coach,” he said. “We don’t like operating int hose realms very much. That’s why I’m probably on edge a big this week. I don’t like feeling like I’m not prepared for personnel. Last week, we had plenty of tape on Western, and I knew we better have a plan for number 10 or he’s going to wreck us in certain situations. I thought we came up with a great plan. But you look at their transfers…we got no tape on how they’re using (them). It makes for an uncomfortable week of preparation just because of the dynamics of the unknown. We’re going to have to be prepared to make adjustments throughout the early part of this game, I believe.”

Below are the 5 most interesting comments from Freeze from his Thursday press conference …

“The reality is, this is, I think, we have a chance to win all three games that we have at home before we go back on the road. It certainly doesn’t mean that we will. You’ve got to prove yourself every single day, every single Saturday. I believe this is the toughest football schedule Liberty has ever had, I believe that. Obviously, it’s only our 2nd full year at FBS, but you got 3 Power Five programs, a team that’s picked to possibly win Conference USA in Western, FIU and Southern Miss from top to bottom are going to have 85 man rosters that are very, very good Group of Five rosters, plus Coastal is undefeated right now. I think the whole schedule is probably the toughest schedule that Liberty has ever had. You have to prove yourself every single week. Football games are hard to win. I’m glad we have 3 home games that I think we have a shot to win.”

“I thought he looked good today. Malik, he needs reps. He needs to see the different possible looks that he’s going to see. By the end of the game week, hopefully he is making the right decisions. He definitely did much better today than Tuesday and Wednesday. We have one more chance to correct anything we see on film today that we didn’t like. Here’s the deal with Malik, he will be up here on his own today, you don’t have to ask him, trying to get his best understanding of the game plan. He wants to do well. I know he will be in here shortly, after his classes, he will be wanting to watch the film for himself, what he needs to improve on.”

“My first two years here have been quite different but quite a blessing also. I told the team last Saturday morning, I was just thinking back to what it was last year, and I don’t know if they can even get me to the stadium. It was hard. It was painful. Now, to be in good health, I’m thankful. It has been different, but it’s been different for everybody. We’ve been blessed through this too. Our test results have been good to this point. You look at teams like Houston who have had 4 games canceled on them. That’s discouraging, I”m sure, and difficult. Even with the extra challenges that we’ve had, we still see that we’re very fortunate to be able to play, number one, to be at a University that supports us and allows us and puts resources behind what it takes to be able to play this year.”

“I did (send a text) to Coach Davis and just said, ‘Let me know if you need anything during these crazy times.’ He responded with a very nice message.”

“Pickett looked good today at practice, I think he’s good. I think we’re getting Isaiah Avery back, Noah Frith I expect to be back and play. CJ Yarbrough will be a game time decision. Jimmy Faulks is back. Tim Kidd-Glass is really the only one that I think we’re waiting on. Stricker’s got a pulled muscle in his leg, but he’s getting close to being back.”