As No. 23 Liberty (9-1) finalizes preparation for Saturday evening’s game against No. 12 Coastal Carolina (11-0) in the 2020 Cure Bowl, Hugh Freeze met with the media on Wednesday to give an update on his team’s week of practice and preparation.

“We’re thankful to the FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl for the invitation and excited to be back in Orlando for a second straight year to play in such a great bowl that has such a great cause.” Freeze opened his press conference saying. “We loved our experience there last year with the Cure Bowl executives and people and the mission they have.”

Below are the 5 most interesting comments from Freeze from his Wednesday press conference …

“It’s probably hard to put a quantitative amount on what something like that does in year one. It gives your kids that are returning that this is what it feels like and this is what we should strive for each year being an Independent is getting to a bowl like the Cure Bowl. Having that experience and getting them to get a taste for what that’s like for the first time ever, it kind of sets a standard in your program. I don’t think you can teach what the experience like that causes and then confidence that they can go and do that throughout the course of the season to get to this point and then confidence to learn how to prepare for a bowl game for some of these older kids who can look at some of the older ones and say this is how you prepare.”coll


“Corey is a pro. I’m always for our guys to get opportunities that better themselves. Corey deserves to be a coordinator. He’s bright and sharp and he’s done a heck of a job for us in assisting Scott (Symons). We’ll certainly miss him, but we wish him well. He’s a pro. He hasn’t missed a single thing. He didn’t have to go interview for it or anything because Kane was with me and Corey back in my Ole Miss days so they already knew each other. He’s missed nothing. He’s given our kids his full attention this bowl game. Then, we will obviously transition after the bowl game.”


“I admire people that finish and finish the right way. I get the world we live in and both are transferring for different reasons and both are right to transfer. We had those discussions, we were honest with each other. For what they’re wanting I think it is in their best interests to do that. My challenge to them was just to finish well. I will help you in any way I can. I talked to Austin this morning. i think he is pretty set and has a place to go to. Chris has several options, but I am proud of them for finishing. It’s the same thing I told our team about playing in a bowl game. I think we owe it to college football and to others to try our best to finish out this 2020 season.”


“Beating Coastal is going to take our best effort for sure. Figuring out how to block 94, 9, 52, 34, 43, all those guys, and then figuring a way to stop not only their option principles and a quarterback that can throw it and run it, it’s a tall task. They’ve got a complete football team and they play extremely hard and they are very talented and well coached. It’s going to take a great effort and us playing pretty flawless to beat them. Having to plan for them a few weeks ago definitely has expediated our game planning, and I think that is probably the same for both teams. That is helpful.”


“I’ve coached one time there, in a kickoff classic against Florida State. I love the stadium, loved everything about it. I think it’s a great venue to play a college football game in, and I’m excited for our kids to get to experience that.”