On Monday morning, Class of 2021 four-star recruit defensive end, Khristian Zachary, committed to Liberty University to play football in the fall of 2021, and he has lofty goals to achieve during his time here at Liberty.

This four-star recruit decided he needed to attend Liberty because of a vision. He had this vision before the offers from big name schools; he even had this vision before Liberty had their first full FBS season and bowl appearance. He had a vision that Liberty will win a national championship.

It was the springtime of 2019 when this vision occurred. Liberty was set to make their full debut in the FBS in the fall of 2019. Zachary was at a Georgia Tech spring ball game visiting the University, but did not receive his first offer until the fall of 2019.

“When I was at Georgia Tech, I didn’t have any offers at all. I just went to a game and God gave me a vision of winning a national championship at Liberty,” Zachary said. “I think it was before they were FBS. I had a vision of winning a national championship, so it didn’t make sense. I was asking questions like, how does that make sense they aren’t even FBS…but you got to trust in God, you gotta trust in God. So I had to believe in Him. There were times of doubt, I’m not even gonna lie, but at the end of the day I submitted to the Lord and God showed me the way. So that is why I committed to Liberty.”

Despite the doubt, he believed in this vision. At the moment Liberty is one of the few schools left in the nation that are still undefeated with a 6-0 record. They also are inching closer week by week to make the AP Poll Top 25 for the first time in school history.

Zachary sees the development and is ready to take it to another level. They are not quite at the levels of the Power Five schools, but they have an unrivaled culture according to Zachary.

“The culture and what they stand for is so much bigger than I believe than what any other colleges have. When you put Christ in the middle of stuff, that’s…that’s what I want to fight for. I want to fight for Christians and the Christian Belief, that’s what I want to fight for. It’s a purpose ,it’s a purpose when playing football at Liberty. A great purpose to glorify God’s name and you know destroy the Philistines and preach to the quarterback, you know so, it’s it’s just so much more than just football, it’s the culture.”

Zachary wants to join in on this culture here at Liberty and he wants to set records here. He told ASOR that he wants to have the most sacks, tackles for loss and interceptions in college football history. He wants to be the best player to ever live.

Zachary felt this was the school for him not just because of the vision. He also loved what this school stood for, and he felt the coaching staff is great. “The culture. It’s just, I love everything about Liberty. I love what it stands for. I love that they are not ashamed to preach the Gospel,” Zachary stated.

As reported earlier in a 247 Sports article , Zachary basically committed to Liberty five months prior. Zachary didn’t make it official because he was “weighing it out”. He wanted to wait to officially commit to make sure it was the right decision.

The current high school senior plans on making an immediate impact on this roster and wants to start right away. “I plan on sacking the quarterbacks, pressuring with the quarterbacks when I get there,” Zachary says with a big smile.

As Zachary has goals of making it to the NFL, he has taken note of the recent players that made it to the NFL last year. Liberty has three players from last year on active rosters currently. He feels it gave him faith in Liberty’s program and showed signs of it growing.

He looks at Liberty as a place where he can not just grow as a player, but also as a man. He says he will be able to grow into the man he wants to be.

“I want to develop my relationship with Christ too. I feel that’s a place I can do that at like the best. Having that personal relationship with Christ, I know it will make me a better man overall. So I know that is one thing Liberty will do as far as making me a better man, having that Christ figure and the coaching staff. When you put Christ in the center again, you are gonna have good results. That’s where I want to go for sure.”

Liberty will look to continue to improve on this historic 2021 recruiting class. They have surpassed their previous record (89 in 2020) with their ranking, as they lie 88th in the nation currently. Zachary passed up on offers from some Power Five schools like Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and 19 other offers.