Gielo finished with 17 points and 7 rebounds in 37 minutes

Tomasz Gielo will be one of the Flames’ leaders in 2014-15

This is our final piece in our series where we have already taken a look at the 2014-15 basketball season in What do we have? and What are we adding? Today, we discuss what the Flames need for next season.

The Flames will rely on their 2 seniors, Drew Smith and Tomasz Gielo who will anchor the frontline. With Joe Retic and Braxton Bonds, Liberty is set at point guard. The rest of the 5 signees will fill holes and provide depth behind Smith and Gielo. This leaves 2 glaring holes: a scoring guard and a post.

With the departures of Antwan Burrus, JR Coronado, Joel VanderPol, and Sommy Ogukwe, one of Liberty’s strengths in 2013-14 suddenly becomes a huge question mark. This past season, Liberty was one of the better rebounding teams in the Big South, and had plenty of depth up front. Who will be able to replace some of the production of these bigs? Signee Evan Maxwell hopes to be the missing link, but look for Coach Layer to add another piece or two up front prior to the season.

Another area Layer will need to address is a scoring guard. With Retic and Bonds looking to be the most ready guards for game action, and both being pass-first point guards, someone will have to develop into a scoring threat at guard. The Flames are likely to look into the JUCO ranks to find a guard who is ready to fill a need immediately.