After week 1 of our Bold Predictions Challenge, here are the standings:

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8 points for every correct pick, -3 for an incorrect pick.

Here’s the link to last week’s game, now for this week’s bold predictions:

Leave the numbers of your picks in the comments. Good Luck!

1. Josh Woodrum throws for 225+ yards.

joshWhy this is bold- Norfolk State only allowed Maine to throw for 92 yards last week in a defensive showcase.Woodrum threw for only 189 yards against UNC, despite 33 attempts.

Why it will happen- Woodrum averaged 215 passing yards per game in 2013. I expect him to improve on this number in 2014, and I think he’ll have a much better game this week against FCS competition.


2.Liberty records more first downs than any NSU QB records completions. 

Why this is bold- It really isn’t that bold when you look at how unstable NSU’s quarterback play was last week.

Why it will happen- Malik Stokes led the team with four completions for 28 yards last week. NSU will either win this game on the ground, or not win.


3. Terrance Ervin starts the second half.

Why this is bold- Former LU commit, Ervin, is only a true freshman and during his time on the field against Maine he threw four passes for five yards, and he ran for -11 yards.

ervinWhy it will happen- Pete Adrian trusted Terrance enough to let Ervin try to lead the game winning drive against Maine when the Spartans found themselves trailing 10-6 with under four minutes to play. If Malik Stokes is shaky in the first half, I won’t be surprised if Adrian calls on Ervin to try and make some plays.


4. Total score will be under 39.5 points.

Why this is bold- Last year, Liberty alone scored 37 points per game.

Why it will happen- Norfolk State is a team centered around defense. They had an impressive performance against Maine last week, and the Liberty defense had a promising showing against UNC as well. This prediction is based on good defensive play rather than lack of offense.

5. Darrin Peterson scores on a 35+ yard TD.

Why this is bold- Norfolk State’s defense usually doesn’t allow big plays like this, and Peterson had a pretty shaky start to the season against UNC.

petersonWhy it will happen- Even though he’s had some problems catching the ball, Peterson’s ability to create separation should be unquestioned. He has a knack for breaking free downfield, and I think he’ll be the playmaker the Flames need to open up the Spartan defense.


6. Lynden Trail records 2+ tackles for loss.

Why this is bold- Liberty has a veteran offensive line that performed well against an FBS defense last week.

Why it will happen- Lynden Trail knows how to get in the backfield. He proved this in 2013, and continued this habit against Maine, where he recorded 4 TFL and 1.5 sacks.


7. Total punting yardage will be more than total offensive yardage.

Why this is bold- Last year the Liberty offense had 5,050 yards while punting for 1,673. Norfolk State’s offense recorded 1,953 yards, while punting for 2,958.

Why it will happen-  I could see this game being a defensive struggle, and both teams punted well against their week 1 opponents. NSU had 317 total punt yards while Liberty had 371.


Bonus: Will it rain at all during the game? (5 points if correct)

Currently says there is a 40% chance of rain in Norfolk.

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Make sure to submit picks by 11:59 P.M. on Friday.

Also, if you didn’t play last week, remember we are dropping your lowest score, so go ahead and make your picks for week 2 and you’ll still be in good shape to win!